Smart QR Codes

Connect Customers to all your content with one QR code, Complete control.

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Level up your QR codes

A single smart QR is worth a 1000....

Quick & easy updates

No re-printing update QR codes with the click of a button.

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Link Anywhere

Menu, Ordering and Review all in one tag. Complete Control.

Adjust to the new normal

  • Better Customer Experience

The rush of implementing COVID measures is over, use lockdown 2 to perfect the customer expierience.

  • No Confusion
  • Less Space

A Single QR code, simple to use and leaving more space on menus and signage.

A smart QR code, Get started with our custom QR generator. Frames, labels and colours increasing visability. All for free!

Our smart QR codes don't have 1 destination. They open a custom mini-site, easy to update and setup with free templates.

A simpler system for you and your customers. Offering flexibility static QR can't and a much improved expierience for customers.

Mobile friendly mini-site

  • Improved Customer Engagement

Wifi password, Menu, Ordering and Reviews. All handled and easy to access. The smart way to QR.

  • Easy Updates
  • Built For Mobile

Easy to use and well designed templates with quick updates. Greater flexibility, time saving and more opportunities.

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